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Take Control of Your Inventory with Bill of Materials Template

Create, Change, Display your own Bill of Materials Template

If you in the manufacturing business and making products for your customers, a Bill of materials (BoM) plays an important part. You need to create a bill of materials that provides a complete list of materials to be used. If you don’t have one at present, the easiest way to go about creating one is to download a Bill of Materials template.

You can create your own Bill of Materials template, but it is relatively simpler to download and enter, add or change the necessary details.

What is Bill of Materials (BoM)?

A Bill of Materials (also known as a BOM) includes a complete list of manufacturers part name, product code, part number, component description, part revisions and the quantities needed to manufacture a product. It also contains detailed instructions for gathering and using the required materials.

The material list can be used to identify the exact part or quantity of material to acquire and where to buy the required materials. It includes instructions for how to assemble the product from the various parts ordered.

At its most complex, a BoM may also include reference files, such as part specifications, computer-aided design (CAD) files and schematics. With manufacturing becoming more distributed, the BOM, over the years has become an important reference document, when transferring product information from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to its vendors and suppliers.

All manufacturers irrespective of the industry, begin by creating a bill of materials (BOM).

Types of Bill of Materials

Manufacturing Bill of Materials

Manufacturing Bill of Materials Template
Manufacturing Bill of Materials Template
The manufacturing Bill of Materials consists of all the assemblies, sub-assemblies, raw material and parts required to construct a finished product that is ready to be sent on time to market. With complete information needed for manufacturing, BoM contains the complete manufacturing process that is required for the product creation.

You can also add the packaging materials required to pack the product before shipping.

Engineering Bill of Materials

Engineering Bill of Materials Template
Engineering Bill of Materials Template
The engineering bill of materials (BOM) is one of the most important documents related to the manufacturing process and offers information that supports the costs of the product, inventory control, and documentation.

This BoM basically defines the design of the finished product and is generated based on a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing.

Benefits of Using Bill of Materials Template

  • The centralized record of information
  • Improved management of material
  • Faster inventory control and tracking
  • Reduced manufacturing costs for finished products
  • The complete list of suppliers in one place
  • Offers clear guidelines for creating your own bill
  • Simple to use and can be easily customized
You can also check out the Bill of Materials examples given below. These templates make it easy for you to create a bill of materials in minutes instead of you having to design the format that can take hours.
Bill of Materials Template
Bill of Materials Template


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