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Blood Pressure Log Sheet

Blood Pressure Log

The importance of using Blood Pressure Log Sheet cannot be over emphasized in monitoring BP. It is suggested to all those people suffering from BP/Hyper Tension/Hypo Tension to keep track of their Blood Pressure by means of a record at home. This helps them to have the up-to-date information about the status of their BP and helps your physician to make sure that the prescribed medication is producing the desired results. These purposes are well served by maintaining a Blood Pressure Log. This log is also known as Blood Pressure Log Sheet.

Blood Pressure Log Sheet, Printable Blood Pressure chart

The record of BP readings can be maintained in the form of chart or log. You can take a print as well because we have Printable Blood Pressure Chart and Printable Blood pressure Log. Above BP log document is used to record the blood pressure and heart rate (pulse). Readings are recorded against the date and time of day, when they are taken. A specimen blood pressure log sheet is provided here under for your ready reference.

Mention blood pressure with the systolic (Systolic Blood Pressure) number on the left and diastolic (Diastolic Blood Pressure) number on the right: 120/80 for example. Also, you can record pulse rate (BPM - Beats Per Minute).

Blood Pressure Chart

Blood Pressure Chart
Blood Pressure Chart 

Given above is the graphic depiction of various stages of blood pressure for your information in Blood Pressure Chart Format.

Recording Results for Blood Pressure Log Sheet:

About half-an-hour before checking the blood pressure, you are not supposed to smoke, drink stimulating drinkables or exercise.

Operating instructions
Either you can go through the user manual or take your physician’s guidance to get acquainted with monitoring device’s functions.

Sitting posture
a dining chair to sit with your back straight and supported. Place your feet flat on the floor with your legs apart. You need to make sure you remain quiet and calm at least for 5 minutes before the measurements start. You can use a table to keep your arm flat with the upper arm at chest level and your palm facing upwards. Ensure the middle of the cuff is kept straight in line with the bend of the elbow. Now you can start measuring.

Time and frequency
Please note it is essential to record the readings each day at the same time, like morning and evening and on day to day basis.

No. of readings
It is important to record two or three readings with one minute gap between two observations and note the results, every time you measure. You can record the observations using a Printable Blood Pressure Chart or online tracker. In case your monitor has facility to save the results then carry the monitor instead of log to your health care professional when you go for consultation. Also, if your monitor has option enabling you to upload the results to a secure website, you can do so and do away with the hassles of carrying Blood Pressure Log or monitor.

Maintaining BP log at home does not avert the need or necessity to see the health care professional.

Various studies have shown that there is a small variation while using left and right arm for testing. Difference of 10 mm Hg or less is normal and is not a cause to worry about.

Monitoring BP at home is not advisable for people having Atrial Fibrillation or other Arrhythmias as electronic BP monitoring equipments sometimes may fail to offer exact results.


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