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Editable Gradebook Template

Gradebook Template 

When teachers manage students according to their grades, it is really hard to keep everything organized in papers. However, use of gradebook template can be just the right choice for this purpose because it will help you get exactly what you need to increase task efficiency and decrease effort requirement. Also, it will make the management of student’s grade easy.

Different Formats of Gradebook Template

Gradebook Template Word

Gradebook Template Word

When you need to print the records, then it is better to choose a word file. The Main reason for choosing free grade book template in word format is its popularity and ease. MS Word file can be shared with everyone and it can easily be printed without any problem. You can print the Word file on standard paper and it will be perfectly organized during printout.

The information stored in the MS Word template will give a better appearance. It will look good and less static without losing its original value and usability advantage. You can use word template even for sharing stats between colleagues or students.

You can keep data of grade, grading parameter and overall grade stats with the name and teacher’s comment in single file. In short, editable gradebook template will help you to keep everything organized and it will still not look too filled with information.

Excel Gradebook Template

Editable Gradebook Template Excel
Excel Gradebook Template

Excel is one of the most commonly used formats for accounting and record keeping purposes. Also, downloading excel format editable gradebook template will give you the advantage of the most accurate digital account keeping.

All course and student related information can be stored in rows and columns of the excel sheet. You can simply fill the information that you have and all details will be safe and perfectly organized.

You can keep grades of each student together and evaluate overall marks and grade in single file without making it too confusing to understand. Excel gradebook template will also help you to find out the overall grade average of the class.

Free Gradebook Template Google Docs

Gradebook Template Google Docs
Gradebook Template Google Docs

Google Docs gradebook template will be easy to handle because you can simply share it without worrying about the support of file format. You can easily edit and modify the file as per your need and it will give you a perfect result of the grading process.

Using ready to use template is simple and yet highly productive way to do general course grading. You can use it for all different kinds of grading purpose and it will definitely fulfill basic grading requirement.

The pre-designed free gradebook template can be used for professional and commercial grading needs. Most importantly, all gradebook templates are perfectly suitable for printing.

Benefits Of Gradebook Template

With the help of gradebook template, it is really very easy and quick for teachers to manage grades and for students to view their grades and average. It avoids the waiting requirement because grade file can be uploaded online and updated digitally so that everyone can view the real time updates and avoid waiting process.

Advantages of Gradebook Template:

  • Digital format based editable gradebook template is easily accessible from any device or computer. Students or teachers can view the file off campus or on campus.
  • If students are requested to upgrade or update their information then teachers don’t need to manually collect the information from each student.
  • Online gradebook can collect all the information virtually and students can do this task with the help of internet.


  • When teachers will use gradebook template, it will be easy to view and organize grades so that any mistake in this process can be avoided.
  • Using professionally developed template will help you to get automatic calculations of mark average.
  • You just have to fill the marks data and it will automatically show the average value of the class or student.


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