Vehicle Maintenance Log

Vehicle maintenance log helps you to record all the expenses incurred in connection with the maintenance of your vehicle. You will have details of all expenses in one place/document also called Vehicle maintenance record. This log enables you to monitor the maintenance schedule and maintenance cost of your vehicle/s. If you have a fleet of vehicles, more is the necessity to have such a log. It so happens that sometimes the details of some of the expenditure escape your attention, due to the sheer volume of expenses. Vehicle maintenance checklist lets you keep track of all repairs and maintenance expenses and have control over such slips.

Printable Vehicle Maintenance Log

Printable Vehicle Maintenance Log

In case you have more than one vehicle, you need to keep a separate Vehicle maintenance log for each vehicle. You vehicle/s needs to be serviced on a regular basis to minimize the wear and tear and to accomplish this Vehicle maintenance log has to be maintained. This will facilitate you know when again the service is needed. Furthermore, this service log will be of immense help if you decide to sell your vehicle as this enables the buyer to believe that the vehicle is maintained in good condition. Also, this will help your service provider to figure out major flaws in your vehicle.

Vehicle Service Record Log

Vehicle Service Record Log
Vehicle Service Record Log

This record to be maintained necessarily to oversee the periodicity of vehicles serviced, free service schemes for new vehicles, annual service contracts, where free service schemes are not in force, consumption of spares, lubricants and other consumables etc.

As the Vehicle Service Record Log helps you to monitor all of the maintenance and repair works carried on your vehicle/s, you can be ahead of upcoming important service tasks. This makes it easier to schedule the task, forecast the expenditure and complete the servicing in time without disrupting the routine operations. Additionally, wherever necessary you can plan for preventive maintenance.


Easy and Customizable
The Vehicle maintenance log is so designed and formatted that it is user-friendly and hardly takes a minute to record the expenditure. The Vehicle maintenance log also available in another format viz, Printable vehicle maintenance log. The log contains such columns like S,No. Date, Details of expenses, Amount sent, etc necessary to record expenses. These are only standard columns. Depending on your need, you can modify or add more columns to suit your requirement.

Controlling Instrument
There are various aspects that need to be under check to ensure smooth operations of the vehicles. The consumables need to be replaced depending on the no. of KMs run by the vehicle.

Helpful as a management tool
The Vehicle maintenance log /Vehicle Service Record Log can be customized so as to record Warranty/guarantee details, budget benchmarks, details of trust worthy spares and service providers and any other details unique to you/your organization. This helps to avail all the benefits available under warranty/guarantee without any lapse. The actual expenditure incurred can be compared with the budget. The variations, if any, can be looked into and the reasons for the same can be investigated. This controls the unauthorized /unjustifiable expenditure/unusual hike in expenditure.